There are many designated spaces at CI to join a community of learning mathematics outside of the classroom.

  • Math 399: Students enrolled in Statistics, Probability, Pre-Calculus, Business Calculus, Calculus I, II, III, and other advanced Math courses are strongly encouraged to enroll in a Math 399 section. Math 399 offers problem-solving activities, hands-on instruction, and a collaborative environment for working on homework problems. It is a one unit credit/no credit course (no letter grades) during which students work collaboratively on learning activities designed to enhance their mathematical learning and strengthen their critical- thinking and problem-solving skills. Portions of the lab meetings are set aside for students to work on homework and/or lab assignments while having an instructor and a student assistant present for consultations.
  • Learning Resource Center: drop in for tutoring help in the Library. See the LRC webpage for more information including tutor subjects and schedules.
  • STEM Center: drop in for tutoring help for all gateway STEM courses in El Dorado Hall. See the ACCESO Student Success Services webpage for more information.
  • Peer-Led Team Learning (PLTL) workshop: This program consists of learning communities designed for students in Math 150, Math 151, Math 230, and other STEM courses who want to excel in class while simultaneously developing study and learning skills that will be of use in all science and mathematics classes. A weekly 2-hour commitment is required. For more information, visit ACCESO Student Success Services
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