• Undergraduate Seminar talk this Monday, 10/10/2016, by Dr. Alicia Machuca (Texas Woman’s University), titled “An In Depth Look at our Old Friend: The Exponential Function y=exp(ax)”
  • Dr. Bañuelos will be giving two talks at SIAM in Boston July 11-12, 2016: “A Mathematical Model of the Effects of Temperature on Human Sleep Patterns”, and “A Structured Two-Stage Population Model with Migration”.
  • Drs. Bañuelos and Flores will be completing their Project NExT fellowship this summer at MathFest 2016.
  • Drs. Bañuelos and Flores have been awarded a Center for Undergraduate Research in Mathematics (CURM) Mini-grant to work with a group of students on a research project during the 2016-2017 Academic Year.